Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Soul

by the children and youth of First Unitarian Church of Baltimore

My soul is my life light.

It fills my body and defines my personality.

My soul can fly to heaven.

It is creative and goofy and bright.

My soul has emotions.

It makes me athletic, musical and funny.

But sometimes I have soul-less times.

When I've lost a game I tried my best at,

When my cat was attacked and hid while he died,

When they poke the animals at the circus,

When everything seems sad,

I don't believe in a soul.

Other times, so many different things feed my soul.


Holding kittens,

Playing video games,

Being with friends,


Learning ancient magic,

Getting a hug from my mom,

Running a race,

Sitting by a candle,

Getting a cat,




Fills my soul.

Your soul is inside.

Your soul is your conscience.

Your soul is everywhere.

Life is your soul.

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