Sunday, March 2, 2008

Life as Prayer

In worship this morning, during Time for All Ages, we talked about prayer. People shared some wonderful ideas of things one might say as a prayer and things one might do as a prayer. Many of us made a commitment to think of one thing between this Sunday and next that we could do that would be like a prayer. Leave a comment on this post if you'd like to share what you or your family did this week !

Several folks asked about the "Family Prayers" pamphlet I read from during the service and I'm afraid we gave away our last copy at coffee hour. I will be ordering more, however, and you can find them at the RE table later this month. In the meantime, here are a few resources on the subject of prayer.

Resources for Unitarian Universalist Adults:
UU Views of Prayer (Also a UUA pamphlet)

"Praying as Unitarian Universalists" by Wayne Arnason and Kathleen Rolenz, an article from UU World Magazine

Books about prayer from the UUA Bookstore

Kids' resources:
One of the kids' suggestions this morning about something a person can do to pray was to eat food. Here is a nice piece from UU&Me magazine about Mindful Eating by Betsy Hill Williams:

Also from UU&Me magazine, here is a nice craft idea for making prayer beads.

Prayer: A Family Meditation,
by Edwin C. Lynn

We breathe in faith
and exhale hopelessness
We breathe in gratitude
and exhale indifferenct
We breathe in Beauty
and exhale insentitivity
We breathe in joy
and exhale sadness
We breathe in kindness
and exhale harshness
We breathe in forgiveness
and exhale resentment
We breathe in love
and exhale isolation

What words or actions do you find able to connect you to that which you find most meaningful?

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