Friday, April 11, 2008

Seder Snapshot

As we prepare for our congregational Seder, I'll be posting "Seder Snapshots" each day between now and Sunday, April 20.  These will be brief facts about the Jewish celebration of Passover.  Most of these will be collected from the haggadah we will be using at the service, "Oranges and Olives, a Modern, Interfaith Family Passover Haggadah," by Nancy Cronk.  You can download the haggadah by clicking on the link on the right sidebar. 

"The Seder is a big family meal (similar to Thanksgiving in size and importance) with a prescribed service which is read out of a book called a haggadah.  The Seder marks the beginning of Passover, an eight-day holiday commemorating the Exodus from slavery in Egypt.  It is not unusual for guests to the Seder to come from far away.  College students often return home to be with family.  It is customary in Judaism to invite others who many not have a place to go for Seder." —Nancy Cronk

To RSVP for the First Unitarian Church of Baltimore Seder, 5pm on Sunday, Apr. 20, contact me, Becky Brooks. The deadline for RSVPs is Monday, April 14.

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