Thursday, July 31, 2008

Prayers and Candlelight Connect us at Vigil

Last night First Unitarians and friends gathered on the front steps of our beloved sanctuary to honor the lives of those injured, killed and traumatized by Sunday's shooting at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville. Among the prayers for healing, hope for peace, and pride in our justice-seeking faith, one message rang through the service: Love will guide us

Our new interim minister, Rev. Lyn Oglesby, led the service.  Speakers included members of our own church as well as ambassadors from neighboring faiths, all of whom lifted up the healing power of compassion, love, and reaching out to create peace.  The vigil was rich with the musical offerings of Jeffry Spangler, Peter Povey, Sally Wall and Laurel Mendes.  Candles were lit to honor the lives of Greg McKendry and Linda Kraeger, and for healing in the lives of all the shooting victims, their families, and the congregation as a whole.  

For more photos from the vigil, click this Picasa album link.

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kvon said...

I read this story and it saddened me. It still amazes me how some people can have such hate and anger. To kill people because of their own personal problems, and issues with not liking liberals, does not make sense to me. The whole situation was very shocking. I hope those family's can heal.