Thursday, October 16, 2008

Peace Chapel Returns, Oct. 26, for "Dia de los Muertos."

Next Sunday, October 26, we will be having a children's worship service (Peace Chapel) on the theme of "Dia de los Muertos" or "Day of the Dead." This service will happen in lieu of regular RE classes.

Children and youth will gather as usual in the sanctuary for time for all ages at 11 am, but instead of going to their RE classes, children in preschool and up (and youth, if they wish) will go to the downstairs classroom for our Peace Chapel service.

We will be celebrating Dia de los Muertos by building an "
ofrenda" or altar to our beloved dead.  Please invite your kids to bring pictures or mementos of loved ones who have died to put on our ofrenda to be honored.

We will worship together for about a half hour, after which we will have arts and crafts stations where the kids will have an opportunity to create additional items for the ofrenda.

If you would enjoy attending peace chapel with your kids, please feel free to join us and bring your own mementos of your beloved dead.  We would also love to have your assistance in helping the kids with their art projects.  If you are willing to lead a station activity, please drop me an email by clicking
here.  We will have a station for decorating sugar skulls, one for drawing and one for creating "papel picado" or cut tissue paper banners, all to decorate the ofrenda.  After church we will welcome the whole church community into our classrooms to break bread with the children and teachers in honor of the holiday.

I hope we will see you there!

Additional resources for learning more about Dia de los Muertos:

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