Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Breakfast Chats: Parent feedback meetings

Our Director of Religious Education Advisory Council is in the process of beginning to collect feedback from adults with kids and youth in the Religious Education program.  We will be holding "Breakfast Chats" before church on Sundays throughout January and February (see the schedule below).  Each Sunday's Breakfast Chat will be facilitated by a member of the DRE Advisory Council and will gather feedback from a different class group.  One week we will host adults with children in the nursery, one week for adults of children in our preschool and kindergarten class, etc. for each of our five Sunday morning groups.  Adults with children in more than one class can choose whichever meeting works best with their schedule or attend multiple meetings.

These meetings are for the adults who bring children and youth to church, be they parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles or just family friends. Y'all are welcome!

The schedule will be as follows (all meetings will be 9:45 am to 10:45 am Sunday mornings and will meet in the downstairs RE classrooms):

Jan. 4: Adults of youth
Jan. 11: Adults of Nursery children
Jan. 25: Adults of children in the Spirit Play class
Feb. 8: Adults of children in the Explorers class (1st-6th)
Feb. 22: Adults of children in the Sprouts class (PK-K)

Questions will include some variation on the following:

• What are the strengths of our RE program?
• When do you and your child(ren) feel most engaged in our church?
• What are your hopes and goals for RE for you and for your child(ren)?
• What else/more would you like us to be doing in our RE program?

Please RSVP to Becky so that we know how much food to make and what the appropriate childcare needs will be.  If you have feedback to share but cannot attend the meetings, please contact Becky or any member of the DRE Advisory Council (Laura Laing, Rebecca Wald or Paula Franklin). 

We look forward to your feedback!  See you there!

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