Friday, February 20, 2009

Prayer for Our Children

by Robert F. Kaufmann 

We wish for you a storm or two that you may enjoy the calm. We wish for you tranquility in time of trial. We wish you a cool breeze on a warm day, and pale white clouds that you may better appreciate the blueness of the sky. We wish you darkness that you may see the stars.

We wish you anticipation of high adventure, and we wish you the courage to avoid battle. We wish you a sense of wonder -- and poetry -- and music. We wish you companionship that you may appreciate solitude.

We wish you a friend who will understand you, and understanding so that you may have a friend. We wish you may become all that you wish to be, and more than you hope that you can be.

We wish you a flower to smell, a hand to touch, a voice to cheer, a heart to gladden. And we wish you someone to love, as we love you.

via UUA: Worship Web, an online worship resource "dedicated to deepening worship in UU churches."

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