Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Family HEART Camp — Summer opportunity

Every once in a while I hear of opportunities offered by other organizations that First Unitarian families might want to take advantage of. This seven-day summer camp for families, "Family HEART Camp," focusing on Nonviolent Communication for families, will be offered July 10-18 in Northern Virginia.

The description from their website:

Would you enjoy having more Harmony, Ease, Authenticity, Respect, and Trust (HEART) in your family? Do you want to create close connections with your children, to inspire cooperation instead of power struggle, to take good care of yourself, to support your children in thriving, to have fun and peace of mind, to enjoy parenting?

Then consider Family HEART Camp – an unforgettable one-week immersion in Nonviolent Communication for families. Family HEART Camp will be held on July 10-18, 2009 in Northern Virginia, 35 miles south of Washington, DC.

Our dream is that Family HEART Camp will be a place where children learn to cherish, honor and respect their parents, and parents learn to cherish, honor and respect their children. We hope to create a supportive community of like-minded people who will feel like a new family by the end of the week. We envision an environment where parents and children thrive, supported by experienced staff and by their new friends. We want to make it possible for parents and children to learn new skills together to support harmony, cooperation and peace in their families, with lots of play and fun for everyone.

Family HEART Camp is based on Nonviolent Communication, which offers a powerful set of tools and inspiring perspectives that support people in living their values, and in speaking and acting in ways that say "You matter!" to everyone involved.

To learn more, please visit http://www.FamilyHEARTCamp.org/


Greg said...

As one of the organizers of Family HEART Camp, and a member of Bull Run UUs in Manassas, VA, I am just DELIGHTED to find this post! We welcome and encourage all UU families to attend our camp.

Warm Blessings,
Greg Rouillard
Family HEART Camp

Director of Religious Education said...

Hi Greg,

I'm so glad! I don't know how you stubbled upon the post, but I'm pleased that you did. I hope some of our families will join you at Family HEART camp, it sounds like a wonderful opportunity!